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  • Goodbye
    We planted the sunflower seeds in the grave of lost souls, where our bodies were buried in the lands we were once salves and compelled to self harm never knowing the birthmark of self love, we were once so terrified for pure rain to mark our dirt with rainbow puddles. Instead we let our selvesContinue reading “Goodbye”
    I searched near the pines, beyond the deep blue skies, knitted in the ever green leaves, where the sun graced the trees and turned them golden bruised. I once called to the skies kissed by omen faith right where I thought he left his hands for me to take, I reached further, tip toes, stretchedContinue reading “SEARCHING”
  • Learning to be enough
    Give me time to breed new thoughts, reconstruct my fallen walls, reconnect with my God and build a better self I’m done searching, compering, lusting, it took falling apart more times to realise my broken pieces were never intact in the first place so here I am building brick by brick, trying to be strong,Continue reading “Learning to be enough”
  • Where was I?
    I turned the most basic fabric of my own soul inside out, I became undone, I shattered, my skin melted onto the dirt beneath my feet, blended and became one with the beautiful yet merciless earth, I was the termite that denied flowers to bloom, the darkness that denied the sun room. I plugged myContinue reading “Where was I?”
  • Beautiful Dream
    Wounds they scream their pain upon my skin, My blood saws itself, scars reveal, the hurt carves deep within drying the very paint of my salty tears on my cheeks, I am the surface of the ocean, I am the wrath that waves, I am revengeful, sometimes I am a saint. Deep within I amContinue reading “Beautiful Dream”